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Holpen.net is the center Hub for the Watson Lord & Watson - Holpen.net family of web sites.

Watson Lord & Watson is a First Amendment Christian ministry and business establishment, that is "Our Father Which is in Heaven's Business," ("Our Father" being the word/name "Avinu" in the original Hebrew - See http://avinu.net) and containing, a peoples assembly "Holpen.net " - "Webyellowpages.com Net/TV Society" "Secret Solutions Expert Guide Help net" "Help To Stop Foreclosure net"online memberships and ImmanuelPrayerWheel.net Thereluctantprophet.net and Avinu.net and more web sites that provide people with help and information and christian points of view.


The monies contributions received before, during or after the order or access process(es) is completed go towards all aspects of the work of the ministries for Watson Lord & Watson.

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